Monday, 18 September 2017

Never say I can't!

So, YOU are in the epicentre this year! So let's talk about... you!
 What do you want the team to know about you?
What are your hobbies, favourite bands, songs, holiday places, cartoon heroes, or anything else you want to share.
YOU chose how to present yourself in a FUN way! Here are a few ideas and of course you are free to use any other way you want!
  1. Create a Pinterest board with 10 pins that summarize them.
  2. Create a 30 second podcast that introduces themselves. Then you can present them or play them on separate devices in class as an audio gallery.
  3. Write a blog post in the classroom blog  introducing yourself to the rest of the classroom.
  4. Create a quick comic strip to describe yourself or to recreate a recent funny moment in your life.
  5. Create a word cloud to describe yourself and share with the rest of the class.
  6. Create your own Voki avatar that introduces yourself to the class. It's going to be even funnier when you are creative with the backgrounds, characters and details of the avatar to reflect your own personality and preferences.
  7. Create a graffiti online  that speaks to your interests and personality and share with the class.
  8. Create mashup videos of yourself with Weavly to introduce their interests to the class.
  9. Create a Google map of 5 places you have visited and share with the class
  10. Research your birth date in history and share interesting events with the class.

Sentence Magic!
Connect the two sentences:
Ancient Egyptians made their dead into mummies. 
They lived in the Nile area.

Video Fan 

Study the   Mummies videos

and Relative Clauses here and do all the activities with 2or more yellow circles next to them.

See you soon!!!

Monday, 20 March 2017

What are Tedx events?
Who is Sir Ken Robinson?
What do you think about the subject of his talk?

Together we can change the world!
List 3 suggestions we can do that.

Write a letter to the Greek Democracy President suggesting your ideas.

Monday, 13 March 2017



What endangered animals would you save and why?
Make your own presentation!

If I could live anywhere in the world, I'd line in...

What do you think are the most important factors of life quality?
Which countries in the world do you think are closest to "paradise"?

Now, let's see what people around the world think.

Monday, 23 January 2017

Collaborative skills development with NMS School in USA

What unusual, exciting way to use tech to learh how to collavorate with people from abroad...and a great skill for the 21stcetury too!
So this is Writing Collaboration Month!

It's simple! Go to the link and log into your number as shown below:
Martha   Group 26     Group 36, 37
George  Group 27      Group 38, 39
Jim         Group 28     Group 40, 41
Anna    Group 29       Grop 42, 43
Jacob     Group 30     Group 44, 45
John      Group 31      Group 46, 47
Bill       Group 32       Group 48, 49
Vagelis     Group 33    Group 50, 51
Write the following letter
"A friend has written asking how you think your country has changed in the last ten years. Write to him/her and explain your opinion. You can discuss the people, cities, fashion, attitudes, technology, etc"

Remember to use informal register with as many informal expressions and idioms as you can. 

When you finish, EDIT and just leave the site. Your work is saved automatically!

Happy writing!

Here are the writing tasks NMS 8-B.4 class did for the project

Monday, 9 January 2017

New Year's Resolutions

  • Have you ever wondered...
  • Why do people make New Year's resolutions?
  • What types of New Year's resolutions do people make?

  • How did the tradition of New Year's resolutions get started?
  • Have you made resolutions that you kept? What made it work/ not work? Share with a friend.
  • Chose one resolution for this year. Think of these areas:
  • Relationships
  • Reputation
  • Contributions
  • Spirituality
  • Ethics
  • Education 
  • Family
  • Build Skills 
  • Ideas 
  • Health
  • Travel
  • Socialize/Networking
  • Exercise
  • Plan Future 
  • Look Better
  • Get More Organized 
  • Face Problems
  • Reduce Stress
  • Here are a few tips to help you succeed